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Fact sheet as of December 04, 2023
SEB Nordic Small Cap Fund
Marketing material
Fund manager:  Anders Knudsen, Lars Knudsen
Investment Philosophy

The investment team’s core belief is that an active management style with a focus on fundamental company research and a disciplined investment process will add value, creating returns in excess of a pre-determined benchmark. The investment team selects stocks independent of macroeconomic factors such as interest rate and currency trends. The team’s goal is to find and invest in value-creating companies with positive earnings growth and reasonable valuations.

Key Facts
Base CurrencyEUR
Share ClassC (EUR)
BenchmarkVINX Small Cap ...
Year of launch2009
Value at launch (EUR)100.00
Legal StructureUCITS
Fund Management CompanySEB Investment Management AB
Morningstar Rating (3 years) 31 Oct 2023
Turnover Ratio*0.54
* 12 months rolling, last updated 31 Oct 2023
The share class does not pay dividends; the return is reinvested
Management Fee1.30
Ongoing Charges*1.35
Performance Fee**20.00%
Entry FeeMax 5%
* The ongoing charges includes the management fee and constitutes payment for fund management, including marketing and distribution. The ongoing charges does not include transaction costs such as brokerage commissions on securities transactions.
** Of excess performance (hurdle VINX Small Cap NI)
Risk Measures*
Standard Deviation (Fund)27.1
Standard Deviation (Index)22.8
Tracking Error9.1
Active share **82.5
Sharpe Ratio-0.2
Information Ratio-0.9
* 36 months rolling, last updated 31 Oct 2023
** Active share measures the difference between the fund’s and the benchmark’s holdings. From 31 Oct 2023
Investment Process

Investment universe

The fund is actively managed and invests in small cap equities and equity-related securities listed in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland). The small cap universe is defined as the stocks in the bottom 20 per cent of the total market cap, approximately 500 companies. Swedish small cap stocks represent approximately 40 per cent of the investment universe’s market cap.

Investment team

Head fund manager Per Trygg has extensive experience managing small cap portfolios. He is also a member of the SEB Nordic/Small Cap team, which consists of four investment professionals. The team members are experienced and benefit from an open exchange of ideas and knowledge. The fund manager makes the final decision regarding which investments to make. The team is based in Stockholm.


The fund is characterised by a bottom-up strategy, where stock selection is based on fundamental company analysis. To identify attractive companies, the team conducts intensive field work in the Nordic small cap universe. The research focuses on identifying attractively valued companies. The team looks for quality companies with strong market positions and above average return on investment. Management quality and strategy are key criteria.

Portfolio construction

The team focuses on identifying the best small cap stocks in the region, regardless of which country the stock is listed in. The fund normally has 40 to 80 holdings. Due to the fund’s bottom-up approach its composition and performance can deviate from the benchmark. The active risk, as measured by tracking error and active share, is expected to be higher than for comparable funds.

Currency: EUR        |        NAV: 554.90 (12/4/2023)        |        AuM (M EUR) : 335.28 (10/31/2023)
SEB Nordic Small Cap Fund (FundEUR)VINX Small Cap NI Index (Benchmark, )
 Fund EURBenchmark
Return % EURFundBenchmark
Accumulated since  
1 day-0.8-0.6
1 month10.47.1
3 months-1.73.1
6 months-13.2-2.5
1 year-13.6-4.1
3 years-16.22.5
5 years45.840.4
Year to date-7.8-0.3
Average annual growth  
3 years-5.70.8
5 years7.87.0
CurrencyAdd benchmark
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Largest Positions*
% of Total  
 % of Total
Beijer Ref4.0
BTS Group3.5
Lagercrantz Group3.3
INVISIO Communications3.1
Nexus AG3.1
Chemometec A/S3.1
Netcompany Group3.1
HMS Networks2.9
* Last updated 29 Sep 2023. Source: SEB
* Numbers are absolute, not relative
Sector Allocation*
* Last updated 31 Oct 2023. Source: SEB
* Numbers are absolute, not relative
Other Information

As of 2 November 2016, the fund´s Management company is SEB Investment Management AB.

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